Savo Mould Remover Spray (blue) - 500ml

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The market leader in removing mould, algae and yeast. Savo mould remover is simple, very effective with immediate effect removes all visible mould in the home. Moreover it has disinfecting effect. It is suitable for use on tile, tiles, plastics (eg edge of the tub, shower stall), plastering, painting walls and wood interior and exterior. Main product characteristics: Removes scale and dirt easily Leaves shiny surface Creates a film preventing battery stains Pleasant scent
SAVO Mildew Remover is perfect for vegetative forms of mildew, yeast, and algae; it is a disinfectant. It is available with a mechanical sprayer, securing easy handling and removing of mildew even in places difficult to access. Spheres of Use: It is used for decontamination of mildew on wood; walls; plaster; and paint; both inside and outside. Removes mildew from bathroom joints, around bathtubs, and window frames. SAVO Mildew Remover is suitable for areas with increased humidity and a tendency to grow mildew. For example, in the bathrooms; laundry rooms; spas; saunas; swimming pools; communal hygiene; and food warehouses. Application: Apply undiluted SAVO Mildew Remover onto affected places directly with the sprayer, from 5 to 10 cm. After 20 minutes, wash the treated place with water, or leave to dry. Do not remove the mildew before applying the preparation! It might help the mildew spores to spread to other places. In case of strong contamination, repeat the action. With bleaching effect. Approximate consumption is at least 50 ml/m2 of plaster, wall, or wood
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Czech product name Savo Proti Plísním - 500ml
Slovak product name Savo Proti Plesniam - 500ml
Shipping Weight 1200.000000
Shipping Group STANDARD
Manufacturer UNILEVER CR spol s.r.o
Brand Savo
Country of Origin Czechia
Region Praha
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