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if there’s one word that could sum up our attitude to Czech and Slovak food – “it’s our passion”.

Meet the owners

If there’s one word that could sum up our attitude to Czech and Slovak food, it’s passion. The origins and stories, the fragrances and flavours... and the feeling you get when you sit down to a delicious, lovingly prepared meal. Because we understand that food is much more than taste: it’s also about feelings and happiness.

We’ve been running our store in East Sheen since 2001, but when Slovakia and the Czech Republic joined the European Union in 2004, we decided to specialise in Czech and Slovak foods. With more and more people visiting these countries and wanting to find special foods or replicate dishes they’d sampled whilst holidaying there, it was the perfect answer to a steadily-increasing demand.

Fast-forward 13 years, and Halusky has gone from strength to strength. Our East Sheen store is packed with the finest and most popular products from the Czech Republic and Slovakia; and with a warm atmosphere and a welcoming team of assistants, it’s a great place to shop and find inspiration.

Then there’s our website, which we launched back in 2004. We could hardly have predicted its success – but as the Halusky brand has grown in popularity, so too has the number of online customers.

When you shop with Halusky, you’ll realise that we’re passionate about much more than food. We’re also committed to creating a wonderful experience for our customers. That’s why we only stock goods from our trusted team of suppliers – so we can be certain that what we’re bringing to you is the best produce from the best sources – and all at the best prices.


Halusky shop

If you love the food you see on our website, you’ll simply adore our flagship store in East Sheen. The shelves are packed with a glorious range of Czech and Slovak foods, all carefully sourced and stocked to guarantee the best products at the best prices. With a wide range of fresh and frozen foods; chilled dairy and delicatessen goods; packaged snacks and confectionary; and a superb choice of soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits, we can confidently say that shopping in our store is fun, authentic and inspiring.

Halusky website

Now that our new website is live, shopping at Halusky is easier and more fun than ever. You’ll find an incredible range of products and ideas within our web pages, along with plenty of information about origins, ingredients and manufacturing, as well as recipes and serving suggestions.

Designing our new site meant creating something that was easy, interesting and intuitive. Our simple, logical navigation system will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And if you need extra help, just type the words or phrase into the search box, and you’ll be guided straight there.

We’ve also increased the range of services we offer. If you want to surprise a friend or a loved one, why not treat them to a themed hampers? Perhaps you’re stocking up for Christmas or Easter – in which case, our seasonal selections are certain to create a stir. Or then again, perhaps you’ve been looking for a particular product or ingredient that you found whilst on holiday in the Czech Republic or Slovakia? Whatever you’re looking for, you can rely on us to help you find it – whether that be in our store, online, or even via special delivery.


Enjoy shopping with Halusky – we’re delighted to see you here.

Directors of Halusky Limited