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Hanacka Kyselka

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The company of Hanácká kyselka s.r.o. belongs among the most important producers of mineral water in the Czech Republic. For bottling, it uses an up-to-date technology that ensures the high quality of the products with maximal control of hygienic cleanliness. The bottling is done in two modern plants – in the company of Hanácké závody, a.s. Brodek u Přerova and in the company of Hanácká kyselka, s.r.o. in Horní Moštěnice. The business policy of the company is entirely aimed at the customer, which can be demonstrated by the variety of its products. With the quality and amount of its products, the company covers an important part of the Czech market with mineral waters. The company produces natural and flavored Hanácká kyselka mineral waters. Currently, the company exports its products to the following countries: Slovak Republic, Australia, and USA. 


Hanácká kyselka is located about a 10-minute-walk to the southeast of the village of Horní Moštěnice. The oldest known spring of high-quality water is here. Information on this water was first mentioned in 1854. At that time, a French company was prospecting the area for black coal. In a test well, at a depth of about 40 meters, a strong source of water was found instead of coal. All the work had to be stopped but the water remained.  The water became so popular among the local citizens. The village rented the well for several years to a druggist, Osčádal, and to an accountant, František Dvořák, from the town of Přerov, who started to work on the commercial use of this source of drinkable and tasty water. The water was carefully filled into pre-flushed bottles, which were then sent to a famous professor at the Czech Technical School in Prague, Mr. František Štolba, for chemical analysis. He confirmed that it was valuable alkaline-earthy-sodium and ferric water, saturated with free carbonic acid and containing rare substances with healing effects. Finally, it was determined that this mineral water was worth more attention, and because of its unique and extraordinary characteristics it should be highly valued.

Brand's region: Olomoucky

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