Olomoucky Region

Olomoucky Region

Olomoucky Region

About Region

Olomouc region is full of colourful nature with cultural, sports and recreational possibilities all making it a popular destination for visitors. Central Moravia is a unique region which will surprise you by the diverse possibilities and unusual experiences on offer.  In the Olomouc region there are seven spas which provide a wide range of health and wellness treatments that offer relaxation and help you maintain your health.

There are five publicly accessible caves, where you can admire the beauty of the underground world. Among the regional specialities are the so-called Olomoucké tvarůžky (a ripened soft cheese with a distinctive, pungent taste) and delicious beers made in the Litovel, Holba and Zubr breweries, or one of the small breweries. Specialists will also appreciate Prostějovská Starorežná, a typical herbal distillate.The entire region is criss-crossed by a well-marked network of hiking and cycling trails. Explore the pictur- esque countryside on foot, bicycle, or on horseback. Adventures await you along the Morava River. Choose from several cruises: travel the meanders of the Morava River, the scenery of the Litovel Morava Riverlands or try a romantic night cruise around Olomouc . With your children, you can visit the zoo, ride a boat on the River Morava, ride roller-coasters in the Jeseníky Mountains or visit gold diggers in the Valley of Lost Mines in the Gold Mountains.  The local economy is primarily driven by traditional agriculture, the manufacturing industry and services all of which provide a range of possibilities for foreign investors.


Region rich in traditions and history the evidence of which are hundreds significant architectural monuments. Pass through its gates to find an atmosphere of ancient times. The majestic castles will attract you with their extensive fortification architecture, fairy-tale appearances and antique furnishings. The local chateaux and their history are equally alluring. Already in the early Middle Ages, Olomouc was one of the main centres of Moravia and a princely seat. In the 11th century, a Diocese was established and in 1306 the last Czech king of the powerful Přemyslid dynasty (King Wenceslas III.) was murdered here. During the Thirty Years War, a devastating occupation by Swedish troops took place (1642-1650) , the city was completely destroyed during the siege, the vast majority of people either died or moved away from the wreckage of Olomouc. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the city turned into an important military centre of the Austrian monarchy, the city changed into a fortress.

City to know about

With more than 100,000 residents, the city of Olomouc has dominated Moravia for a thousand years. The city of Olomouc has a rich history and is one of the most beautiful urban centres in Central Europe. No wonder, since there was a bishopric here as early as in 1063, and in 1573 it became the city where the second oldest university in the Czech lands was established. In 1777 Olomouc became the seat of an Archbishop and was promoted to become the capital of Moravia in 1782. Olomouc has its own special atmosphere.  A town of palaces, churches and Baroque fountains. The town is proud of its unique UNESCO monument – the 35 metre high Baroque Holy Trinity Column. The Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc is the largest group of Baroque statues within a single sculptural monument in Central Europe. Olomouc has extensive parks and the prestigious horticultural exposition Flora Olomouc. Unique is its Museum of Art and newly opened Archdiocese Museum – the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, initiated by Pope John Paul II. Walk around its romantic town walls, explore its mysterious streets and picturesque alleyways. Visit its cosy coffee houses, patisseries, bars and restaurants. Boredom is a stranger to Olomouc. The town offers unique facilities for hosting conferences, congresses and meetings. Olomouc is a city of good cheer.


The Jeseníky Mountains and their foothills are a mountain paradise with many historic treasures and technical monuments. The Jeseníky area is sought out by enthusiasts of winter and summer sports. Ski resorts located high in the mountains guarantee a long winter season – in the Jeseníky you can enjoy downhill skiing as well as cross-country skiing. The lovely countryside boasts a thick network of hiking and cycling paths to your advantage.  The Jeseníky are simply a natural paradise, whether in summer or winter. Here you can discover a protected natural area, natural parks and nature preserves in which you will find a number of rare species of flora and fauna. The Jeseníky region is a place renowned for its spa, as well as its exceptionally clean air which invites you to take a walk.