Discover this ancient drink for modern times

You'll love the golden glow and sweet honey taste of this award-winning medovina (mead).

For decades, Slovak families have celebrated special occasions with a medovina toast. You might recognise this delicious drink from Christmas markets or visits to mainland Europe.

Mead is the original alcoholic drink, made of fermented honey and water mixed with herbs and spices. Think of it like wine that’s made from honey instead of grapes. With its unrivalled pedigree, mead is increasingly popular worldwide and is today considered a healthy elixir.

Slovakia has a fine beekeeping tradition, where honeybees collect nectar that is broken into sugars and transformed into rich, quality honey.

Trnavska medovina is made from a traditional recipe blended with sophisticated production technology. The result is the world’s only mead that has won gold at both the world’s biggest competitions – Apimondia (global) and Mazer Cup (US). Customers have been enjoying this delicious mead since 1998.

Read what fans say:

“When drinking cold, apart from honey flavours, you can feel fresh apple flavour. Worth trying.”
JM Skelnik

“I absolutely loved it. It is gorgeous sipping stuff, which is how mead should be consumed.”
Paul Thompson

“Very sweet and enjoyable on its own. In the winter, it's great heated up, or for a cold. Nice drink.”

How to serve

We enjoy it sip by sip, in them we look for the unique flavor and smell of used honey or herbs and spices. Even the names of our meads help the taste buds to discover the floral scent of honey (Trnava Mead), sweet acacia nectar (Oldslavonic lights), freshness of conifers (Oldslavonic dark mead) the odor of the lime blossom or the aroma of raspberries (Original Slovak mead).

Every swallow can transfer you to ancient times of our ancestors ancient Slavs.
Mead is a magic potion which production secrets were revealed largely by the nature itself.

Serving of chilled mead:

We recommend to drink the chilled mead at 12 to 16 ° C. Chilled mead is best enjoyed from a stemmed glass of the tulip shape, where can be beautifully developed the bouquet of serving mead. Heady scent coming out of the surface of tasted mead enables you to enjoy this royal drink perfectly.

Mead chilled

Serving of hot mead:

We recommend you to drink hot mead at 55 - 60 ° C. Hot mead sould be served in rough whiskey or ceramic jars to keep the serving temperature of mead longer. With the warming stand out flavors of used honey, or herbs and spices even more. We never cook the mead, the taste and smell properties could be worsen and the precious alcohol could fade.

Mead hot

What is mead

Mead is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from honey – wine of honey. It is a natural beverage with sweet taste and soft honey bouquet. It is produced by the fermentation of honey solution with the wine yeasts.

Mead made by traditional technology contains mostly 12 - 14% of alcohol.

Mead chilled


MEAD has always been considered as a source of life, wisdom, courage and strength. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, Celtic and Germanic tribes knew it. It is regarded as the Slavic drink properly. Our ancestors old Slavs drank mead at the significant gender and tribal celebrations from what we can conclude that the drink had special and solemn character. MEAD is considered as the oldest beverage in the world. It is assumed that the first mead occured even before the first person on Earth. The honey had fermented with the rain water in the hollows of trees inhabited by bees and thus was produced the first mead. Later on it was discovered by the first man and it tasted him so much that he began to produce it for his own use.

Mead chilled


Mead combines the healing effects and uniqueness flavor of used honey, herbs and spices. The mead produced by APIMED contains in 1L of mead almost 0.5 kg of honey. Honey found in such abundance in the mead has beneficial effects by disorders of the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, important are also the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of honey particularly by inflammations of the throat and upper respiratory tract.

Mead is also considered as a love potion for its alleged aphrodisiac effects.

Mead chilled