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Labeta, Inc. primarily manufactures baking mixtures under the brand LABETA and they not only the mixture to prepare desserts and mixes, bread bakeries  domestically but also mixtures for cooking attachments based on potatoes or gelling agents and preservatives. In the production program of the company there is also a division for bio-products and for products to suit the dietary requirements for those suffering from coeliac and diabetes. The spectrum of products offered LABETA brand is very colourful, although at the beginning, the company primarily engaged in manufacturing products for baking, ie products such as baking powder, vanilla or cinnamon sugar. Gradually expanded its range of production of other items, not just for baking, but also a mixture of bread or cooking attachments. In late 2010 the company expanded to offer production of liquid products, sweet toppings and began to produce liquid marinades and condiments. In March this year, the company launched five products without gluten, among them fruit and granola or crumbled chocolate cake which primarily is a product intended for coeliacs, but can be consumed by all. Rice and corn flour have also been added to offer new possibilities in cooking and baking.

In 2013 Labeta, Inc was awarded "MLS Pardubice Region" for honey spicy marinade. A year later they won the same award for two more brand products LABETA - Gluten-Free Kids and instant mashed organic multigrain bread.


The company LABETA, a.s. based in Dřenice near Chrudim was founded as early as 1993.  They have always focused on production and sale of dry loose mixes for preparing meals. At first they were mostly baking ingredients such as baking powders, vanillin and cinnamon sugar. They are not stagnating, They are developing, and therefore they can offer you many more products today.

Brand's region: Pardubicky

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