Sedlitz Bitter Mineral Water bottle

Legendary Sedlitz Water

This legend of the world’s medicine has been popular for three centuries as a reliable laxative and body detoxificator. Sedlitz dissolves the contents of the intestines without undesirable side effects. The European nobility attended Teplice Spa due to the effects of SEDLITZ bitter salt waters in the “cleaning of body and blood”. Sedlitz was discovered by doctor Friedrich Hoffmann in 1726. Hoffmann found that the Sedlitz salt is better than Epsom’s salt due to its purity and magnesium sulphate content.

We now know that this detoxification effect is attributed to the beneficial effects of sulphates. Sedlitz aids the metabolism and excretion of toxins from the body.

SEDLITZ is tolerated by the most sensitive bodies, including children, and can be used on a long-term or permanent basis, for example, in the postoperative states of the intestines, the long-term bed ridden and also in the case of hemorrhoids.

Packed in its natural state








Lithium (Li+)



Fluoride (F-)



Sodium (Na+)

1 642


Chloride (Cl-)



Potassium (K+)



Sulphate (SO42-)

20 026


Magnesium (Mg2+)

4 597


Hydrogen Carbonate (HCO3-)

2 333


Calcium (Ca2+)



Iodide (I-)



Zinc (Zn2+)



Bromide (Br-)



Non-dissociated components



Overall mineralization

31 292


Metasilicic Acid (H2SiO3)






Osmotic pressure

1430 kPa

usage of Mineral in our natural water

Usages of SEDLITZ water

Fast and reliable laxative effect

At a normal dose of about 4 dcl, it acts very gently and reliably. Sedlitz dissolves the contents of the intestines. It therefore acts as a reliable laxative.

The bitter taste of Sedlitz can be completely eliminated by blending with Biliner Naturally Carbonated water. This procedure is widely recommended in the Spa industry.

usage of Sedlitz water

How to use SEDLITZ water

Drinking Sedlitz – general instructions


0.1 to 0.4 liters (1/2 to 2 glasses of Sedlitz) in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening before bedtime. Bedtime use does not cause undesirable effects because it does not create gasses, and the emptying is only followed the next morning.

Sedlitz as a natural regulator of digestion

It is particularly suitable for long-term use in chronic bowel obstruction and other digestive problems. At low doses, about 1 dcl before bedtime it acts as a natural regulator to create a regular gastrointestinal rhythm, the discharge will occur the following morning.

Sedlitz is widely used to regulate metabolism while maintaining lean lines. For fitness and other sports to accelerate the self-purifying ability of the human body by virtue of the beneficial effects of the bitter salt.

Collecting SEDLITZ water

Collecting Sedlitz water

A miracle named Sedlitz

The depositing subsurface layers in Sedlitz has amazed for centuries all of those who tried to describe the appearance of a bitter salt solution in a place where the bitter salt itself does not exist. The father of modern chemistry, J.J. Berzelius, devoted much effort to the analysis of Sedlitz water and during these works he discovered several other chemical elements.

  1. Pyrite crystals
  2. Primary layer
  3. Neutralization layer
  4. The layer of bitter salt formation is separated from the bottom permeable rocks by impermeable clay
  5. The system of horizontal cracks leaching into the water collecting well
  6. Water collection into a special perforated closed well
  7. Top of well with equipment
  8. Gravity drain into collection well
  9. Central collection tank

Zajecicka, Saidchitzer or Sedlitz Water?

What is the right name? Zajecicka, Saidchitzer or Sedlitz Water?

What is the right name?

Natural healing sources are not a product. They are commodities. The name therefore comes about according to its first use in professional literature. Dr. F. Hoffmann used the name of the village of Sedlitz, in the following years he highlighted the Saidchitz well. The English-speaking public has adopted the easy-to-pronounce SEDLITZ. This name then appeared as Sedlitz Powders worldwide. The German-speaking native population of Bohemia preferred the name SAIDSCHITZER due the verse: “Said Schützer eurer Gesundheit, Saidschitz”