Premium Dumplings

Try traditional white bread dumplings – no Czech and Slovak meal is complete without them!

Plump white bread dumplings (known as knedliky) have been a best-selling Czech product for years.

These fluffy dumplings are perfect for mopping up tasty gravy, and make a delicious accompaniment to many Czech and Slovak dishes, including roast meats with cabbage or spinach.

For breakfast or brunch the next day, try pan-frying cubed leftover dumplings with butter, eggs and milk (like making scrambled eggs). Brilliant!

With these ready-made bread dumplings, you don’t even have the hassle of making them at home. Kneading your own bread dumpling dough can take hours!

Choose between 600g and 400g packs, which are supplied ready cut into 14mm slices for your convenience. If you’re doing a lot of cooking, you may prefer the unsliced 2kg pack.

Each pack of fresh white bread dumplings lasts for up to 10 days.

The recipe would no doubt be recognised by generations of Czech and Slovak cooks, and comprises surprisingly simple ingredients: Wheat flour, water, sugar, white bread, egg blend, salt and yeast.

You can be assured that the dumplings are made following today’s high standards of food production.

They are produced by Svoboda, a company founded in 1990 and specialising in home-made Czech and Slovak dumplings since 1993. It complies with the latest regulations: Food Act No. 110/97, HACCP Certificate, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This guarantees the factory meets quality standards for hygiene, sanitation and quality food production.



Leavened Dumplings

leavened dumplings are commonly served with saucy dishes – such as various goulashes or stuffed peppers. It is a great combination! You cut the dumpling into small, bite-size pieces and use them to soak up the juice.

Fruit Dumplings

Fruit dumplings are among the staple sweet dishes that have long been found in Czech and Slovak home cooking. Made from milk, butter, flour, eggs, salt, and dry cottage cheese (a.k.a. “curd cheese”), these dumplings are commonly filled with strawberries, apricots, plums, or plum jam.

Potato Dumplings

Czech and Slovak potato dumplings or bramborove knedliky ze studenych brambor are made with cold, unseasoned mashed potatoes. There are varieties made with raw grated potatoes and some with hot mashed potatoes.

Bread Dumplings

Traditional Czech and Slovak bread dumplings - houskový knedlík - are made with flour, milk, eggs and stale bread cubes, and formed into a loaf or roll, boiled and sliced. They're perfect for soaking up lots of gravy, and are typically served with roast pork with sauerkraut, roast goose and duck, chicken paprikash, roast beef and dill sauce, and more.

Traditional Czech and Slovak food

Traditional Steamed Dumpling

One of the unique staples of Slovak and Czech and Slovak kitchens is not a dish, but a side. There are several dishes that are traditionally served not with the standard helping of rice or potatoes, but with a dumpling. Now, this isn’t your typical dumpling. It isn’t a round ball filled with some meats or vegetables. Instead, it is the size of a large loaf of bread. It is sliced, just like a bread would be, and maybe 4 or 5 slices will be served with your meal.

This dumpling is called parená knedľa (steamed dumpling). Sometimes it’s also referred to as the kysnutá knedľa (leavened dumpling). It is commonly served with saucy dishes – such as various goulashes or stuffed peppers. It is a great combination! You cut the dumpling into small, bite-size pieces and use them to soak up the juice.

Steamed dumplings

About brand

Knedlíky Svoboda

Company Svoboda - production of home-made dumplings based in Blučina, Cézavy 700 is a limited company registered in the Commercial Register in Brno. Its subject of enterprise is production of half-finished food products. Its business activities practically started in various fields as natural person's business activities in 1990. In 1993, after consideration of all circumstances and after a market research, the company decided to focus solely on production of home-made dumplings in various modifications.

Svoboda dumplings