Curd Dumplings with Blueberries - 320g

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Treat you and your children so popular traditional Czech delicacy dumplings with blueberry filling . Without long preparation and virtually ready to use. Honest dough with delicious fruit filling will satisfy even the most discerning eaters. Ingredients: Wheat flour, Bluebery filling, sugar, water, egg blend, yeast, salt



The best way of how to prepare those dumplings is to let them defrost first. Then place the dumplings on a steamer, strainer. Place on top of a pot with water and let it steam under the lid, depending on the amount and type of dumplings, for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then you achieve the best consistency and taste.

More Information
Czech product name Knedlíky s Borůvkovou Náplní - 320g
Slovak product name Knedlíky s Čučoriedkovou Náplní - 320g
Shipping Weight 600.000000
Shipping Group FRESH_FROZEN
Manufacturer Bidvest Czech Republic s.r.o.
Brand Nowaco
Country of Origin Czechia
Region Středočeský [Czech Rep.]
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