Chicory Coffee - 500g

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Instand ground, roasted chicory powder.

Ground, roasted barley and ground, roasted chicory. Chicory, when dried, roasted and ground, makes an excellent substitute for coffee. There is no caffeine in chicory and it produces a more 'roasted' flavour than coffee does. Many coffee producers offer blends with up to 30% chicory, which cuts down on the caffeine content of your cup. But many folk enjoy a cup of 'coffee' made entirely from ground, roasted chicory. Another perk about chicory is that it's more soluable in water than coffee, which means you use a lot less of it when brewing. Very economical for someone on a tight budget. Chicory also offers extra health benefits that you wouldn't normally get from your cup of coffee. It is reported to help cleanse the blood and improve the health of your liver.

More Information
Czech product name Melta - 500g
Slovak product name Melta - 500g
Shipping Weight 700.000000
Shipping Group STANDARD
Manufacturer B.M.Kavoviny s.r.o
Brand B.M. Kavoviny
Country of Origin Slovakia
Region Trnavsko [Slovakia]
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