Spice Mix for Pork Neck with Garlic - 28g

Krkovicka s Cesnekem Koreni - 28g

Krkovicka s Cesnekem Koreni - 28g

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Garlic, black peppercorns, sweet peppers and soy sauce give to pork neck its typical taste. Ginger, chili and allspice will give a mildly hot aroma, herbs give the meat a delicious scent. The mixture is suitable for classical roasting or grilling, it is also suitable for seasoning meat juice.

Ingredients: salt (55%), dried ground garlic (15%), sugar, ground black peppercorns, dried soy sauce, ground sweet peppers, ground white mustard, ground chipotle chili, ground ginger, ground allspice, ground thyme, ground sage, basil. May contain traces of sesame, celery and milk.


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