At Halusky we supply a range of high quality frozen meat products perfect for complimenting Czech and Slovak cuisine – or any dish for that matter. There are many benefits to using frozen meats and it is just a fresh!


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Slovakia and the Czech Republic are both well known for their abundance of fish and meat dishes so having access to high quality products is essential for traditional home cooking.

Perhaps you are thinking that it is better to just purchase ‘fresh’ meat or fish from your local supermarket instead? This is not necessarily true. In fact, for most meat items the produce is frozen almost immediately and therefore preserved at its freshest point. Fresh meat and fish takes time to be transported, sorted and shelved in the supermarkets meaning that by the time it gets to the consumer it is often not as fresh as if it were frozen.

Some people believe that buying fresh raw meat from the butcher or meat counter at their supermarket is safer and more hygienic. Again, this is another myth. Whilst these methods of purchasing meat are safe it does not mean they are safer than buying frozen.

Frozen meat is often safer than fresh, as the nature of the freezing process halts microbial activity, destroying nasty pathogens responsible for food poisoning. In addition, frozen meat can potentially be healthier; freezing naturally preserves food, extending its shelf life so there is no need for any additional nasty preservatives.

When cooking Slovakian and Czech dishes, we believe that there is also something more authentic about purchasing genuine products from Slovakia or the Czech Republic. As many of our dishes are rich in meat or fish, this is a very significant contributor to the taste of the meal and we at Halusky believe that taste should never be compromised. As the animals are born and raised on Central European farms, and the fish caught in different waters, we believe there is something really quite special and different about Central European products.

By purchasing fresh fish or meat from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, you are also supporting those countries industries as well as adding an authentic taste of Central European cuisine to you dishes.