Dezerty & Koláče

Dezert je malá porce jídla . Proto se nepodává samostatně, ale na závěr menu . Koláč je druh sladkého pečiva, který se připravuje pečením z různých druhů těsta v závislosti na připravovaném druhu. Koláčem se nazývají buď menší drobné kousky pečiva s náplní či bez ní, nebo velký většinou kruhový plát těsta s náplní, která může být sladká nebo slaná.

Many pastries and cakes that are popular in the rest of Central Europe actually originated in the areas of the Czech Republic.

We sell sweet breads, and pastries, Laskonka coconut cake, poppy seed buns and doughs. Our pastries include traditional poppy seed, plum jam and curd cheese flavoured Kolach.

Our flavoured doughs are perfect for making delicious desserts at home, and our chestnut puree can be folded into whipped cream to make delicious fillings for profiteroles, cakes and more. We even sell a special gingerbread dough that is ideal for Christmas baking!

Frozen desserts and pastries are becoming increasingly popular, as baking can often be wasteful in terms of ingredients. In the frozen food market, suppliers can produce for demand and as the items are frozen, they are preserved a lot longer than if they were made fresh. This in turn results in less food waste: fresh pastry products only generally last two days. We’re sure you’ve all seen the amount of pastries left over at the local bakery at the end of the day - frozen pastries help to minimise this.

It would be impossible to transport fresh unfrozen pastries from Slovakia or the Czech Republic, but by freezing them we are able to bring the Slovakian and Czech experience to you without compromising in quality and taste.

We are passionate about fine quality produce and are certain you will enjoy our authentic Czech and Slovak desserts and pastries as much as we do.