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Smoothie & Jelly

Halusky has a wide range of refreshments available including Czech and Slovak smoothies and jelly drinks. Smoothies or jellies are a great way of giving your family their 5 a day in quick, ready-made and delicious portions. Fresh fruit is recognized by health professionals are being an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. They are also a key source for nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid and potassium which are all crucial to development. Consuming fresh fruit has never been easier with these pocket sizes fruit jelly drinks!

Nebyly nalezeny odpovídající produkty.

We stock the popular 'Hello' brand Czech fruit jelly pouches in a range of flavours including raspberry, strawberry, and lemon. The Czech jelly drinks come in handy 100g pouches which are perfect for lunchboxes or taking on the go.

All of the fruit drink pouches we sell contain 100% fruit puree and juice alongside antioxidants and Vitamin C. The lemon fruit jelly pouch for example not only includes lemon but also apple, banana, and mango.

Packed with fruit, these Czech jelly drinks are ideal for children (or adults) that are fussy eaters and easy for you as there is no preparation required.

They are also gluten and dairy-free so perfect for those that are celiac or have gluten or lactose intolerance. The pouches are also ideal for anyone looking to have a cleanse or general detox as they do not contain any nasty flavourings or additives either.

Fruit jelly drinks are very popular in Slovakia and the Czech Republic as they are a great way of preserving fruit - you may even have memories of growing up with the Hello Jelly pouches yourself!

If you haven’t tried smoothie or jelly drinks before, we strongly recommend trying the Hello brand jelly drinks from Halusky. Whether the jelly drinks are for yourself or your children, Hello jelly pouches are a delicious and healthy supplement to your diet.