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At Halusky, we offer a huge range of Czech and Slovakian national drinks such as soft drinks, beers, Czech and Slovakian wine, spirits, teas, and milk products.

Our range of refreshing Czech and Slovakian soft drinks such as top brand Zlaty Bazant non-alcoholic lemon beer, fruit juices, and variety of flavoured and sparkling waters are bound to quench your thirst. We stock traditional grape flavoured drinks, bringing you a refreshing taste of home or fond reminder of your trip to the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

One of our many popular products is the Czech and Slovakian beer selection, which includes seven assorted 0.5l bottles of premium beer for only £14.99. At Halusky you can purchase a variety of crisp and delicious beers including your favourite Czech or Slovak brands such as Kozel and Gambrinus.

Spirits are an extremely popular drink for socialising in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and at Halusky we pride ourselves in our range of fine traditional liquors from Central Europe. These include chocolate vodka, rum, gin, brandy and many more, all of which are perfect for bringing people togeter or reminiscing on fond memories of happy times in the Czech Republic or Slovakia!

As well as alcoholic drinks, at Halusky we also offer an extensive range of Czech and Slovak teas. Herbal teas are very popular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with 150 tea houses, or ‘Cajovnys’ popping up in Prague during the first world war. They are called ‘Cajovny’ because they serve ‘Caj’ - ‘tea’ in Czech. Some of the Cajovny’s offer hundreds of varieties of tea and have a very casual and relaxing atmosphere.

Health drinks such as teas for colds and flu, and specially formulated teas for breastfeeding mothers, for example, are also very popular in this region. Our Czech and Slovakian teas provide many health benefits such as detoxing the liver and gall bladder, digestion and easing stress. The Leros range of baby teas are also perfect for ensuring that your baby also gets a peaceful night’s sleep.

Not only can we provide you with a wide range of Czech and Slovak drinks, but we can also be your one-stop-shop for accessories including tea strainers and shot glasses. The perfect accompaniment for our herbal teas and Czech and Slovak spirits.

At Halusky, we can provide everything you need to top up your drinks cupboard.

Whether you are looking for refreshments to quench your thirst, to stock up the spirits shelf for Christmas, or health teas to detox your body, we have it all available to order.


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