Kolonada spa wafers

Kolonada: Traditional spa wafers with tasty chocolate or hazelnut filling

If you’ve ever been to the Czech Republic, you will recognise the distinctive Kolonada packaging from just about every gift shop you visit.

Each box contains delicious round wafers with your choice of chocolate filling or a unique blend of hazelnut, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon.

18th century tradition claims that a monastery chef devised a recipe of baked waffles made from flour and water mixed with sugar and milk, then filled with nuts, sugar, cinnamon and spices.

In 1856, confectioner Karel Reitenberger started producing these round wafers in bulk, selling up to half a million a year and exporting them wrapped in decorative gift boxes tied with string. The fresh scent of freshly baked wafers soon became an essential part of the perfect spa atmosphere.

Confectioner Josef Homolka experimented for three years before launching the first batch of chocolate wafers in 1923. Production was centralised and moved to Marianske Lazne in 1950. The name has changed over the years, and was finalised in 1974 to reflect the sunny colonnades of the most prestigious Czech spa promenades.

Today, the wafers are made in bronze baking moulds following the highest standards of production. Kolonada has become the most sought-after brand due to its quality and adherence to the original recipe.

Spa wafers have been enjoyed by King Edward VII, composer Johann Strauss and writer Mark Twain. So you’ll be in famous company when you savour the light crunch and tasty sweetness of Kolonada wafers.

"Every year, I go to Prague and buy these in local shops. The taste is amazing :)” - Sharune

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Kolonada: Traditional spa wafers

spa wafer history


According to the legend of the 18th century, the wafers were created by a skilled chef from premonstrátského monastery in Teplé.

Kolonada history 1700


The monks nephew and a famous confectioner in his own right, Karel Reitenberger took the recipe, and began, in 1856, producing the wafers in bulk.

Kolonada history 1856


Among the best known candy at that time were unquestionably products by Wittmayera Francis, who was the founder of the famous confectionery dynasty of the same name. František Wittmayer learned the art of Marianske Lazne and later, after 1919, he founded a new bakery producing Marianske Lazne wafers.

Kolonada history 1919


The most important personalities of the postwar history of manufacturing wafers in Bohemia was undoubtedly Josef Homolka (1892-1988). The history of chocolate wafers began in Vienna with Josef Homolka an apprentice confectionery. In the 20s he started a business which, among other confectionery products also sold spa wafers. After years of experimentation he became the first confectioner to offer chocolate wafers in 1923. Today a standard on most menus, this was however groundbreaking at the time.

Kolonada history 1945


After the nationalization of its bakeries in 1950, Josef Homolka was in charge of the production of wafers in the state Mariánskolázeňská závodě until 1959, when he retired. In 1974 Kolonada was established and became the standard bearer for Czech Spa Wafers.

Kolonada history 1950


The secret of their success lies in the original recipe and strict maintenance of production technology, which requires the necessary care and time. Choose from a wide range of traditional Kolonada products and savor the sweet taste of Czech spa tradition.

Kolonada history 2013

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