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Sýtené nápoje

Sýtený nápoj je nápoj vyrobený z ovocnej šťavy nasytený oxidom uhličitým. Má maximálny obsah alkoholu 0,4 obj% a vyrába sa z vody alebo sódy a ovocných štiav alebo umelých príchutí a farbív . Väčšinou sú nealkoholické.


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Whether it's fond memories of the popular traditional white or red grape drink, Vinea, or popular cola brand Kofolo that you miss, we are able to provide you with just what you're looking for.

Kofolo is one of the most well known and much loved soft drink brands in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Czech soft drink Kofolo was created during the cold war era and has been enjoyed by many for over five decades. The fantastic thing about Kofolo is that it has a third less sugar, however, the syrup is made up of 14 natural ingredients meaning the flavour is just as tasty as other brands. Ingredients in the Czech soft drinks include cherry, apple, and currant extracts.

At Halusky we sell both the original flavour, and the citrus-infused Kofolo fizzy drink, either in a convenient 250ML can or 2L bottle for sharing with others.

Another very popular fizzy drink in the region, is called Vinea and was created in Bratislava, Slovakia. Vinea is a fizzy grape based drink that has been enjoyed in Slovakia and the Czech Republic since 1974 and was purchased by Kofolo back in 2008. The soft drink is available in either white or red grape flavour, and both are available from Halusky. Vinea is available in either cans or bottles, and at Halusky we offer a generous 22% discount when you purchase 6 or more cans.

s well as ready to drink beverages, we sell a range of deliciously flavoured sherbets which can be diluted with water to create zingy, sweet, sparkling drinks! The flavours include orange and raspberry and are a very popular choice for children as they are fun to make, and you can use it a bit at a time. Simply add as much or as little powder as you like to suit your taste!

These sherbert drink powders are the perfect accompaniment to our range of Czech and Slovakian still and sparkling waters.

Whether you are looking for a quick fizzy fix, mixers to accompany your Czech or Slovak spirits, or refreshing soft drinks to keep the kids entertained, we have it all at Halusky.