For 19 years, HALUSKY.CO.UK has been at the heart of the community providing, food, drink, & delivery services to all customers across the UK.

Never has this been truer than today, as our colleagues work to support you and your families whilst the COVID-19 situation is ongoing.

Halusky.co.uk is closely following advice from the World Health Organisation and Public Health England with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is following the suggested actions with a view to limiting the impact to our customers’ and to protecting the health of our colleagues, customers and suppliers.

We are doing everything we can to help our customers and our teams to stay healthy and safe, whether that’s through the products we sell or the services and support we provide.

Halusky.co.uk is a family owned business and we hold stock. We have been working hard to ensure we have the right product available for everyone, our availability continues to be very strong and we have contingency teams and plans in place, reviewing stock levels daily to maintain the best service possible.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) clearly has the scope to be very disruptive to daily life, we are already seeing shoppers buying more tins, packets, frozen foods and long- life items. Halusky.co.uk has a clear focus on the supplies of staple products ‘the community essentials’ for you and our customers.

When it comes to our team, we’re keeping our colleagues updated with advice and information on how to stay safe, whether that’s at work or at home.  Our teams have access to hand washing facilities and sanitisers and we’re making sure our facilities are clean and hygienic, at all times.

We continue to monitor advice from the Government and will provide updates accordingly.

Thank you for choosing Halusky.co.uk, your continued trust is valued and means a lot to us

Anish Shah
Managing Director

Please see https://www.gov.uk for updates