Vlašský Šalát - Potatoes, Salami and Vegetables Mayo Salad - 140g

Vlašský Šalát - 140g

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Vlašský šalát - potatoes, salami and vegetables mayo salad - 140g

Conteins sugar and sweetener.

Ingredients: Potatoes 33%, mayonnaise sauce 31% (vegetable rapeseed oil, water, egg yolk, vinegar, modified starch, salt, mustard (mustard seed), stabilizers: guar and xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, sorband potassium salam 18 % (mechanically separated chicken, chicken skin, water, modified starch, salt, dustian sodium spices), a thickening tara gum, antioxidant acid L ascorbic, vegetables (cucumbers, peas, carrots, onions), celery, salsify, sweetener saccharin .


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