Vincentka Natural Healing Water - 0.7l

Vincentka - 0.7l

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Vincentka® its content and balance of mineral salts and elements allows dissolving phlegm in the airways, stomach and intestines. Vincentka® is recommended for drinking and inhalation therapies for diseases of the respiratory tract, the vocal cords, in metabolic diseases, stomach ulcer, duodenum, and their postoperative conditions, chronic swelling of the liver, diabetes mellitus, chronic pancreatitis.

  • Vincentka® helping to regenerate the internal environment of man after large losses of sweat, which occur during heavy physical work, sport, stay in a hot environment, and febrile illnesses.
  • Vincentka® is suitable for the prevention of dental caries in children of 0.25 l / day.
  • Vincentka® can be used for payment of daily allowance of iodine is sufficient to drink 25 ml (one sip)
  • Vincentka® contains the biogenic elements (see analysis elevator sources) such as lithium, rubidium, cesium, copper, zinc, vanadium, chromium, cobalt in physiological proportional representation and is suitable as a natural nutritional supplement for athletes, children, pregnant women and convalescents.
  • Vincentka® regulates the metabolism of alcohol excess.

Method of using Vincentka®

  • Drinking bark - usually Vincentka® given 2 × daily on an empty stomach before breakfast and before dinner at a dose of about 2.5 to 3.5 dl. Effective drinking cure is to last 15-20 days. Sipping the cold or heated. During the next half-hour consumed or drink anything.
  • Gargling and nasopharyngeal lavage (use of the product Vincentka® Nasal Spray)
  • Inhalation
  • Prevention: cold drink or use to dilute fruit juice, dressing on salads, a stag with alcohol and coffee.
  • Chilled and mixed with high-quality dry wine in a 1:1 ratio as a squirt, it tastes great, reduces the acidity of wine.
  • The prevention of dental caries used to rinse the mouth.


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