Tea for Digestion - 30g

Čaj na Zažívání - 30g

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Herbal tea for good digestion - aids eupepsia, alleviates flatulence. Herbal tea mixture positively influencing metabolic process in digestive tract. Aids good digestion, release flatulence. Herbs can protect health and good condition.


peppermint herb, lemon grass, caraway seed, thymi herb, chamomile flower, ginger root.

preparation and dosage

Herbal tea for good digestion.


Not for children up to 3 years.

Preparation and dosage

Adults 2-4 cups a day. Children from 3 years - 1-2 cups a day


Free of chemicals. Caffeine free. Made under conditions of the certificated quality system GMP, ISO 9001:2000, HACCP.

Type of packaging

20 tea bags per 1,5 g. Two-chambered tea bags tagged with label and envelope.


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