Tatratea Outlaw 72% - 0.7l

Tatratea Outlaw 72% - 0.7l

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This tea contains 72% ABV and comes in a 0.7 l bottle. The base comprises ingredients composing TATRA TEA 52% ORIGINAL, the only difference being less sugar and 20% more alcohol.
Describing the taste and aroma of TatraTea would rob you of your pleasurable experience. You can try it neat chilled or with ice.
However, you will get to know its "true flavour " when you pour 1.5 dl of boiling water or hot tea over 0.5 dl of Tatra Tea. Furthermore, it serves as a convenient base for mixed long drinks whether you use coke, tonic, sprite or tea plus a slice of lemon. Let your imagination do the work.


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