Tatratea Original 52% - 0.7l

Tatratea Original 52% - 0.7l

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This is a unique and sophisticated spirituous liquor of the tea type. It is a concentrate of grain alcohol, sugar, extracts from herbs and teas, fruit liqueurs and essences.

The first, original tea based beverage in SK.

History of origin
If you visit the High Tatra Mountains and their indigenous "outlawish tatran cottages", each of them will offer you their specialty as an apéritif – hot tea brewed from tatran herbs with added spirit concentrate.
We have been toying for years with the idea of how to bring this specialty into each household and business in Slovakia in consumer bottles.

The idea first materialised in 2003, the year we started production of TatraTea. After about a year of development, in the beginning of 2004, we launched into the market our TatraTea 52% Original. Consumers have become so fond of it, that it is making its way to assume the position of the Slovak national beverage.

Describing the taste and aroma of TatraTea would rob you of your pleasurable experience. You can try it neat chilled or with ice.
However, you will get to know its "true flavour " when you pour 1.5 dl of boiling water or hot tea over 0.5 dl of Tatra Tea. Furthermore, it serves as a convenient base for mixed long drinks whether you use coke, tonic, sprite or tea plus a slice of lemon. Let your imagination do the work.


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