Rudolfuv Pramen Healing Water - 1.5l

Rudolfuv Pramen Healing Water - 1.5l

Rudolfuv Pramen Leciva Voda - 1.5l

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DOSAGE: Recommended daily intake of 200-500 ml, unless otherwise specified by a physician

Used as a drinking cure for treating diseases of the bladder and kidneys. Used in cases of rheumatism and as a supplementary treatment for osteoporosis.

Rudolf’s spring is a naturally sparkling, highly mineralised water with an increased content of iron and silicic acid. It contains a balanced quantity of calcium, magnesium, and hydrogen-carbonate ions. It is used in spas as a drinking cure for patients suffering from kidney and bladder problems. It is also used during convalescence of postoperative conditions of the kidneys and urinary tract outlets, as well as for people experiencing certain metabolic difficulties.Rudolf’s spring is also used as a supplementary source of iron as well as a source of calcium for osteoporosis. 


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