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Hanacka Kyselka: Czech mineral water that’s rich in natural iodine

The human body is mostly made up of water, and it’s essential to maintain adequate fluid intake for good health.

Hanacka Kyselka mineral water has been popular since 1854 for its taste and health benefits. It’s drawn from six wells, the deepest being 265m below ground level, and bottled using up-to-date technology to maintain its purity.

Filtered through unique layers of rock and sediment, it contains a high level of iodine, which is necessary for brain development and thyroid function. Your body will easily absorb what it needs, as explained by nutritional specialist, Mgr Pavlina Kroužková:

"Mineral water with iodine is a very good source of this vital element. Iodine in it is in the form of the ion, which is not bound to any other substance, and is thus very well accepted by the organism. "

Hanacka Kyselka mineral water also contains a high saturation of carbon dioxide for its natural sparkle, plus other essential minerals and trace elements. It is entirely free of chemical preservatives.

Choose from natural water or six zesty flavours, all with a refreshing taste and served in an elegant 1.5l bottle:

  • Natural
  • Aloe vera & Blackberry
  • Aloe vera & Cranberry
  • Mango & Orange
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit

Who should drink it?

Hanacka Kyselka mineral water can be drunk by anyone, but because of its high iodine levels is especially suitable for pregnant and nursing women, adolescents and anyone who doesn’t eat fish.

How much to drink

In the hot summer months or when exercising, it’s important to drink more fluid to replace minerals that are lost from the body. During winter, you may not feel so thirsty, but air conditioning and the cold outdoor air is surprisingly drying to the body. You also need to top up your iodine levels daily, to help regulate your metabolic rate.

Every day, a healthy adult should drink about 3l of fluid per day. Up to half that intake can be Hanacka Kyselka mineral water, while the rest is made up of clean water, green tea and/or herbal tea. Avoid coffee and alcohol.

If you’re pregnant or lactating, you should consult your doctor before taking Hanacka Kyselka mineral water regularly.

A child can drink one 250ml glass per day.

About the company

Hanacka Kyselka is one of the most important mineral water producers in the Czech Republic, and has been HACCP-certified by the Czech quality company.

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Health benefits

Water Health Properties

Human health, its activity, mental and physical development affects, among other things intake of minerals and trace elements. Natural and flavored mineral waters supplied by Hanácká kyselka contain optimally balanced amount of these rare substances.

Unique pleasantly refreshing taste and balance of minerals and trace elements not only appreciate the expert, but every human body and mind in particular. For her mineral water companies Hanácká kyselka very beneficial due to the presence of natural iodine and other favorable effects. Mineral water of this quality sought by generations since 1854. Mineral water is not chemically preserved.

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Hanacka Kyselka Mango
Hanacka Kyselka Aloe Vera Blackberries
Hanacka Kyselka Aloe Vera Grapefruit

About Brand

Hanácká kyselka, Ltd.

The company Hanácká kyselka, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of mineral waters in the Czech Republic. For bottling, it uses the latest in cutting-edge technology that ensures high quality products at maximal control of hygienic cleanliness. Bottling takes place in Hanácká kyselka Ltd. in Upper Moštěnici. Trade policy of the company is focused exclusively on the consumer, as evidenced by the breadth and depth of assortment. The quality and quantity of products sold covers a significant proportion of the Czech mineral water market.

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