Mead - 0.18l and Honey - 250g Gift Set

Mead - 0.18l and Honey - 250g Gift Set

Medovina - 0.18l a Med - 250g Darčekový Set v Krabičke

180ml + 250g

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Hurry Up!!! Only 2 left in stock!


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Package includes: 250 g blossom honey in an exclusive gift box, 0.18 l "Trnava" mead, honey dipper, decoration

Trnava mead is made from natural fermentation of selected species of floral honey. Pure honey flavour and aroma is fine-tuned form extract of herbs and spices. In addition to numerous awards it is the first ever mead, which won the gold medal for Slovakia from the world's largest beekeeping exhibition Apimondia 2005 in Dublin.

Honey is the oldest sweetener that the nature provides for centuries. Honey is a sweet substance, produced by bees from the nectar of flowering plants or honeydew located on the leaves and needles of trees (oak, fir, spruce). Nectar is a sweet juice secreted by nectaries of plants. Honeydew is sweet juices that produce the homopterous insects: aphids, coccoidea and psylla from the sap of trees. A bee collects the juice sweet of nectar and honeydew and enriches it with a secretion of the pharyngeal glands and concentrates it by evaporation of the water. Thus the honey is produced and the bee consequently stores it in the combs where the honey matures. In terms of origin we divide the nectar into honey and honeydew ones.


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