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Company Svoboda - production of home-made dumplings based in Blučina, Cézavy 700 is a limited company. Its subject of enterprise is production of half-finished food products. Its business activities practically started in various fields as natural person's business activities in 1990. In1993, after consideration of all circumstances and after a market research, the company decided to focus solely on production of home-made dumplings in various modifications. Company  supplies a number of restaurants, hotels, apartment hotels, eating-places, hospitals and retails in the whole Czech Republic.The current production is particularly aimed at packaged products in fresh cooled state with durability of max. 10 days. 


Products of a high quality, reasonable prices and in specified packaging are a certainty. Therefore, it was necessary to make alternations to production premises and instruments. In 2002, the company invested 38 mil. CZK in development of a new factory building. The production premises enabled an increase in the production capacity by 200%, with a significant increase in labour productivity. The successive distribution of products in the entire Czech and Slovak Republic, in conformity with the regulations and laws in force, was also very well managed. This range of goods has been sufficient for domestic consumers. To widen the production by frozen food with durability 1 year or longer was a strategic necessity for the company's development. For this purpose, a line for production of frozen products was purchased in 2004.


Brand's region: Jihomoravsky

Premium products of the brand: Knedliky

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