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The Old Herold, s.r.o. Company in Trenčín together with its manufacturing program follows the rich tradition of distillery industry in the town of Trenčín with its roots reaching to the end of 19th century. Today the Old Herold, s.r.o. Company has its headquarters in premises of the original Kornhauser and Herzka factory which was moved to this location in the year 1932. Kornhauser and Herzka factory was the producer of yeast, edible oil and distillates and it was established in the town of Trenčín in the year 1886.


First in the year 1953, the fermenting industry was developed after several reorganizations which resulted in the establishment of the Canneries and Distilleries of Western Slovakia and later in the year 1970 the Company was renamed to Slovlik, š.p. The year 1990 had seen the separation of the Slovlik, š.p. Company and the establishment of a state owned Company Old Herold Ferm, which was transformed into a publicly owned company in the year 1992 and later in the year 1998 the reorganization change established the Old Herold, s.r.o..The Company is known for its world-famous borovička Juniperus, which was exported into various countries of Europe and America since the beginning of 20th century. The trademark is protected by an international patent granted in Lisbon year 1952. The product Slovenská borovička Juniperus received a gold medal Slovak Gold for the high quality in the year 1996 and 2007. With the product Bošácka slivovica which was also awarded the gold medal Slovak Gold in years 2001 and 2008 the Company embraces the legendary fruit-growing region and the hundred years of experience in processing and distilling fruit. In the herbal liquors, such as the Old Herold Angelika bitter which was awarded the price of champion liquor at the tradeshow Vinum Laugaricio 2009 and the herbal liquor Old Herold Fernet bitter, you can find experience and refined tastes with favorable effects; just like the liquors Millenium and Radiume amare at the beginning of 20th century.

Brand's region: Stredne Povazie

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