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LEROS company produces tea for health and safety of whole family.It has based its reputation primarily on the first-rate quality of its products. Leros always uses only top-grade ingredients, which are carefully monitored and checked, when purchasing them through companys own network of its proven suppliers. The subsequent drying and storage of the herbs are also subject to strict controls. The entire production process is monitored, from the initial development to the final product, and LEROS uses its own certified laboratories. This guarantees the safety of Leros products, to the maximum extent, and ensures the highest quality, both throughout the production process and for the final product itself.  LEROS products are available in pharmacies, and those that are not restricted pharmaceutical medications are also available in general drugstores, supermarket chains, and other independent shops. Products from the LEROS BABY line are very popular – selected tea mixtures prepared with a view to all of the specificities of child nutrition and the nutritional requirements of expectant and nursing mothers. This line is developed in cooperation with leading paediatricians and child nutrition experts.


LEROS was established in 1995, but its production programme builds on the 40-year history of the state-owned corporation Léčivé rostliny – Zbraslav, which dates back to 1954. The company’s mission has been to offer high-quality herbal teas and a selection of exclusive black, green, and fruit teas. The purchasing of herbs from individual growers and primary schools is a tradition. The main centre for storing herbs is Strážnice in Southern Moravia. Core product line comprises LEROS pharmaceutical tea mixtures and single-herb herbal teas that can be used in the treatment of various diagnoses in all major medical disciplines. Herbal products are always processed without chemicals and preservatives, under the guidance of experienced pharmacists. For selling high-quality functional herbal mixtures outside of the pharmacy network, LEROS has produced the LEROS Natur line. The products are purely plant-based and free of artificial substances, chemicals, and preservatives, artificial aromas, and other unpopular substances. In this line, company brings together traditional tested recipes and quality in terms of the effects of herbs. 

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