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KARLOFF Ltd. is a producer and distributor of fine spirits and quality wines. Since their establishment in 2002, they have been very successful in the segment of PREMIUM SPIRITS. TATRATEA has quickly become a „national drink“. If you visit the High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia and their indigenous "outlawish tatran cottages", each of them will offer you their specialty as an apéritif – hot tea brewed from tatran herbs with added spirit concentrate.  The company Karloff brought this idea into each household in the form of bottled Tatratea liqueur. The first bottle of TATRATEA 52% Original was produced in 2003. It is a tea bassed liqueur with extracts from fruit and herbs. After a short time the company Karloff created the whole product range TATRATEA consisting of 5 variations – the difference is in additional flavours and the volume of alcohol. Tatratea can be consumed neat chilled or with ice.


Superior cereals have been grown and are still being grown on the agricultural Cífer - Haj farm. These cereals were processed at the local distillery until the middle of the 20th century. The distillery was closed down after nationalization.  In the period 1999-2000 the founders were strongly considering building a modern distillery on the farm. The historical name of the farm was "majer Karlov Dvor”. On the basis of this term the company Karlov Dvor, s.r.o. Cífer was established in 2002.  Due to the consolidation of marketing positions the brand KARLOFF ® was derived from the name of Karlov Dvor on September 29, 2004. After the capacity utilization of existing distilleries in Slovakia survey, they withdrew from the construction project and the production of spirits was carried out by a contracted partner; Steffan Distillery Company, s.r.o., Svodín. From August 1, 2008 the sole producer of liqueur became TATRANSKÁ LIKÉRKA s.r.o. located in Kezmarok. The main activity of KARLOFF s.r.o. is building regionally strong brands in the spirits market.


Brand's region: Spiš
Premium products of the brand: TatraTea

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