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The story of the company Europasta has its beginnings in the year 2002, when it was founded as a holding company by two associates – Mr. Miťka and Mr. Hrdina.  By the year 2003 Europasta had achieved the acquisition of the successful company Bratři Zátkové, a.s. (founded in the year 1884) as well as a stake in Adriana – a limited liability company producing pasta. Currently, Europasta SE is composed of the Litovel and Boršov nad Vltavou divisions, as well as its subsidiary business company operating on the Slovakian market, Ideál Slovakia s.r.o. The production encompasses every product segment – egg, egg-free and semolina pasta (in short and long forms, pressed or rolled).Strategic investment, innovation and the optimization of production processes provide the company Europasta SE with all of the necessary conditions for becoming a significant and sought after producer of both brand-name products and private brand goods in the Central and Eastern European region. The annual volume of pasta production, in Litovel division ,exceeding 85,000 tons makes the facility’s output comparable to that of the most prominent Italian producers.


Over time, the original scope of the company expanded significantly. In the year 2006 it acquired the companies Spojené Těstárny CZ and Spojené Cestovinárně SK (which is now Ideál Slovakia, s.r.o.) and in the year 2008 it bought Tero Rosice, s.r.o. The culmination of the development of the overall structure of the firm was the merger of all of the group’s companies in the year 2010 which created a single entity, the current company Europasta SE. The period immediately after the merger witnessed the arrival of strategic investors. Two prominent European pasta manufacturers, Cerealis Produtos Alimentares (Portugal) and Gallo Productos Alimenticios (Spain) became new shareholders owning 50% of the company’s stock.


Brand's region: Jihomoravsky

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