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Company APIMED is the only manufacturer of mead in the Central European region, producing the mead according to the species of honey, as winemakers are making wine from the species of grapes. Exceptional quality of manufactured products is confirmed by a variety of awards from the world's largest competitions such as Apimondia or Mazer CUP in USA. Meads from the company APIMED have also received prestigious Slovak and Czech awards as: Quality brand SK, Danubius Gastro, Gold Spike, Gold Salima, Devin tassel and more. Premium set of four species mead introduces the set of pure natural meads, differing from each other by the type of honey which they are made of. Trnava mead is made of floral honey, Old Slavic mead light from acacia honey, Old Slavic mead dark from forest honey and Original Slovak mead from best types of Slovak linden honey, forest honey and black raspberries. Thanks to the precise choice of honey and the modern technological devices enabling controlled production process, from fermentation to the maturation at a specified temperature is kept the precious mead taste and aroma typical for the honey, which the mead is made of. Series of three flavoured meads are formed of mead made from floral honey flavoured by natural flavours - cherry, almond and walnut. The latest news is exclusive mead Barrique of acacia honey, which has matured six months in oak barrels. In this mead there is elegantly combined delicate flavour and fine bouquet of acacia honey with vanilla - chocolate tones of oak barrel. The mead produced by APIMED contains in 1L of mead almost 0.5 kg of honey. Honey found in such abundance in the mead has beneficial effects by disorders of the digestive system, the cardiovascular system; important are also the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of honey particularly by inflammations of the throat and upper respiratory tract. Mead is also considered as a love potion for its alleged aphrodisiac effects.


The company APIMED was founded in 1998 and built on the foundation of family tradition. The beginnings of the bee-keeping however go to 1982.  At the beginning the business could fit into a small garage, currently the company  employs over 20 people and helds dozens of awards. Company deepens the knowledge and mastery of beekeeping for four decades already. In addition to own production of honey and bee products, the company has built up a supply network of producers - beekeepers across Slovakia. They offer a wide range of their own products:  mead, honey, dietary supplements of pollen and honey, royal jelly and bee-based cosmetics. Trnava mead  is historically the first in the world, which won two gold medals from the world's largest competitions Apimondia and Mazer CUP. Mead is almost destined to take the place of a typical Slovak Toast drink. It is excellent as an aperitif but also a suitable for the preparation of a variety of mixed drinks. The "honey" experience awaits you in the form of guided tastings directly at the company headquarters located in the picturesque village of Dolna Krupa, during which you can see at least six kinds of meads APIMED a glimpse of the production area, where delicious brew itself is undergoing intensive production. This drink was already known by ancient Greeks and Romans. 

Brand's region: Dolne Povazie

Premium products of the brand: Medovina

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