Magnesia Gently Sparkling Mineral Water - 1.5l

Magnesia Jemne Perlivá - 1.5l

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Product Description


Magnesia -gently carbonated mineral water - 1.5l Mineral water with unique composition, rich in natural magnesium in a readily absorbable form, low in sodium. Optimal content of natural magnesium brings refreshment, strength and youthful energy to the whole organism. RECOMMENDED: as a refreshing health giving drink for all ages Magnesium: Very important for cell energy production, and it aids bone growth. It protects against heart attacks, heart rhythm disturbances, asthma and kidney stones, as well as easing PMS. It is also beneficial for high blood pressure. Lack of magnesium may lead to nausea, muscle weakness and cramp, irritability and heartbeat irregularities. It is unlikely that daily needs would be met simply by drinking mineral water - most brands contain too little. Daily requirement: 300-400mg. One 1.5 l bottle of Magnesia contains up to 255 mg of magnesium


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