Lucka Infants Still Spring Water - 1.5l

Lucka Dojčenská Voda Neperlivá - 1.5l

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Lucka - Baby water is a selected type of high-quality drinking water which, due to its low nitrate content, meets the requirements for the permanent food and drink preparation for infants. Its very favorable calcium - magnesium ratio is especially significant in terms of bone growth and development. It is microbiologically pure, meets the strictest hygienic criteria, offers maximum quality for you and your baby, but also for mothers during pregnancy and after delivery. Multi-level ultra violet filtration and sterilization is used to increase the health standards. It is mildly carbonated with carbonate oxide which raises the oxygenic environment of the water and fights against the multiplication of microorganisms, in the case of children, carbonate oxide coal must be eliminated by boiling. It has a stricter calcium content limit than table water and stricter standards for supervision regulations and treatment opportunities. It originates from an underground source and the allowable concentrations, as opposed to table water, are lower. The calcium content may not exceed 15 mg. per liter. It meets the strictest physical, chemical, radiological, microbiological and biological requirements and those of special indicators for water for infants according to the Food Codex of the Slovak Republic.


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