Kolínka Medium Elbow Egg Free Pasta - 400g

Těstoviny Kolínka bezvajecne Stredni - 400g



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Pasta made of semolina is of top quality – does not stick, does not get mushy and keeps its shape. Semolina used for the production of the Exclusive pasta line is of high content of pigment and contains high quality gluten which adds natural yellow colour to our pasta. Such gluten is much harder than gluten in common kinds of wheets used for foodstuffs production, it keeps the mass together and pasta thus does not get mushy

.Add pasta to salted boiling water (1lit/100gm pasta), adding a teaspoon of oil, if you like stir accassionally and continue boiling 6-10 mins. Drain, rinse with cold water and serve. Bon appetite!


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