Gustin Fine Corn Starch - 200g

Gustin Kukuričný Škrob v Prášku - 200g

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Gustin – fine corn starch - 200g

Recipe from the packaging

Ingredients :

500g puff pastry, 250ml whip cream, 1l milk, 4 egg yolks, 80g Gustin, 250g butter, 150g icing sugar.

Recipe :

1)Split the puff pastry in half and roll it out. Put rolled out plates on greased baking tray and bake for 10 minutes. (Pre-heated oven, 200°C).

2)Put cream in a bowl and whip until solid. Bring 3/4l of milk to boil.

3)Mix egg yolks with Gustin in 1/4l of milk, stir into the hot milk and cook until thickens. Allow to cool.

4) Whip sugar with butter in a bowl and add egg yolk cream. Spread the filling over one half of rolled out puff pastry and put the other carefully on top. Let rest overnight.

Sponge Dough

Ingredients : 6 eggs, 180g sugar, 1 pack of vanilla sugar, 100g fine flour, ½ pack baking powder, 50g Solamyl.

Recipe : whip sugar and eggs, add flour with baking powder and GUSTIN and bake.

Quark Filling (baked with dough)

Ingredients :

750g soft quark, 2 eggs, 30g sugar, 1 pack of vanilla sugar, 50ml rum, 250ml chilled milk, 50g GUSTIN.

Recipe : Mix ingredients together, put on the dough and bake.

Fruit filling (baked with dough)

Ingredients :

1kg grated apples, 150g sugar, 1 pack of cinnamon sugar, 50g of GUSTIN.

Recipe : Mix ingredients together, put on a raw dough and bake.

Fruit filling / Sauce

Ingredients :

sugar to taste, 50g of GUSTIN, 500ml fruit juice, 200g mashed fruit.

Recipe : Mix GUSTIN with sugar and fruit juice. Cook with mashed fruit and let cool.


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