In our online supermarket here at Halusky, we stock a fantastic range of frozen Czech and Slovak dumplings.

If you have grown up or lived in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, you will be very familiar with our delicious dumplings. Or perhaps you have tasted them when you visited one of our fantastic cities such as Bratislava or Prague and wished you could bring them home? Dumplings or Pierogi are filled dumplings of Central and Eastern European origin and are very popular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If you purchase some of our frozen dumplings, you will see why!

Traditionally, bread dumplings are seen as part of the Czech Republic’s national culinary heritage. Simple to make but delicious, the dumplings are a popular staple in households across the area. The dumplings are made using flour, eggs, milk, yeast and salt.

The frozen dumplings can be savoury or sweet but are always delicious! Fillings include smoked meat, cheese, strawberries, blueberries and more. We love them so much we even named our company after Halusky – a popular Slovak dish made with potato dumplings. Slovak Halusky dumplings are made with grated potato dough. If combined with a sheep’s milk cheese called Bryndza it is then called Bryndzove Halusky. The dish can then be served with bacon, chives or any other ingredients of choice.

Why not try making Slovak Halusky or dumplings yourself using our potato dough mix?

Or, if you prefer to buy dumplings ready-made, try our extensive range of sweet and savoury frozen dumplings. As the dumplings are frozen at a point of freshness, they do not lose their scrumptious taste or texture and can be enjoyed at your convenience.

Our dumplings are the perfect taste of home for anyone from Slovakia, the Czech Republic or anyone else that has fond memories of their visit to Central Europe.