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At Halusky we offer a wide range of frozen Czech and Slovak foods to allow for convenient, nutritious and delicious cooking. Frozen food allows you to choose a wider selection of seasonal ingredients any time of the year, and by shopping with Halusky we bring your much loved favourite Czech and Slovak foods to the UK.

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We at Halusky care about quality and are passionate about bringing you the best Czech and Slovak food. We use only the best suppliers, which we hand pick with care to ensure we are bringing you the best quality and value for money. There are many benefits to buying frozen food including nutritional, cost saving and environmental.

Frozen foods are preserved from fresh very quickly so can be just as good as fresh food however, they are often significantly cheaper. In fact, with certain items such as fish, the produce is frozen quicker than the time it takes for fresh fish to be transported to a supermarket. This means that the fish is frozen at a fresher stage than the fresh fish you might buy at the supermarket on the day.

There is no need for concern as Halusky’s frozen foods are high quality and freshly frozen so no need to compromise on quality.

As well as our frozen Czech and Slovak foods being fresh, they are nutritious too! Freezing food prevents vitamins and nutrients being lost in the transportation process, and as freezing naturally preserves food, there is no need for any additional nasty preservatives.

Another benefit to our frozen food, is that it is easier to use only what you need meaning there is less waste and it is kinder on the environment – something that is very important to us.

Freezing helps to stop microbial activity, which means pathogens such as the ones that cause food poisoning are destroyed, making frozen often safer than fresh when it comes to fish and poultry.

At Halusky we are passionate about Czech and Slovak cuisine and want to make sure it can be enjoyed and appreciated by all.