Solamyl Fine Potato Starch Powder - 200g

Solamyl Škrob Jemný Zemiakový v Prášku - 200g

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Traditional product and has a truly versatile use: you can use it to soften the cakes and desserts, to thicken fruit juices and to prepare Asian cuisine.

Tips for serving

Recipe from the packaging - “BABOVKA” :

Whip 250g butter, 250g sugar, 1 pack vanilla sugar and 4 eggs into foam. Mix 300g fine flour with 100g of Solamyl and ½ of the baking powder sachet and stir gently into the dough with 200ml of milk. Put the dough into a greased, floured mould and bake for 50 minutes in pre-heated oven (electric – 175°C). Let cool and serve.

As a sauce thickener – Per 700ml of sauce add 50g of Solamyl mixed with 50ml of water. Cook for 3 minutes.

As a dough softener – For softer sponge dough substitute 1/3 of flour with Solamyl.

Meat in batter recipe

Ingredients :

1 egg, pinch salt, 50g Solamyl, 400g chicken meat. Recipe : Cover meat cubes with mixture of salt, egg and solamyl. Fry and serve immediately.

Sponge Dough recipe

Ingredients :

6 eggs, 180g sugar, 1 pack of vanilla sugar, 100g fine flour, ½ pack baking powder, 50g Solamyl. Recipe : whip sugar and eggs, add flour with baking powder and Solamyl and bake.

Quark Filling (baked with dough) – Ingredients : 750g soft quark, 2 eggs, 30g sugar, 1 pack of vanilla sugar, 50ml rum, 250ml chilled milk, 50g Solamyl. Recipe : mix ingredients together, put on a dough and bake.


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