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Fernet Stock Citrus Bitter Spirit with Citrus Flavour - 1l

Fernet Stock Citrus - 1l

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Fernet Stock Citrus was introduced in October 1997 and in two years it has become the second best-selling spirit in the Czech Republic right after the classic Fernet Stock. It is very popular among women and the younger generation. The total sales of Fernet Stock brand (i.e. Fernet Stock and Fernet Stock Citrus) reached about 17 million liters in 2001, which represents more than 60% share in the company's sales total. In addition, Fernet Stock also occupies a position in the TOP 100 best-selling spirits worldwide.

As its name suggests, Fernet Stock Citrus is based on the classic Fernet Stock. Fernet Stock Citrus is sweeter and has a lower content of alcohol. A unique combination of fourteen herbs from all over the world, the most delicate spirit, high-quality water and special caramel dye is completed with the natural aromas of selected high-quality citrus fruits. Preferably, Fernet Stock Citrus is served on ice, but it is also very suitable for preparation of an infinite number of tall-drinks.


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