In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, local Slovakian wine is enjoyed by all as a way to bring people together, to celebrate, or simply just to wind down.
At Halusky we offer a range of Czech wine and Slovakian wine, including mead, and even lighter, more fruity wines too.

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Slovakia has 6 wine regions with many vineyards in the South of the country bordering Hungary. In the Czech Republic, it is said that the people consume more wine that the country itself is able to produce, therefore a lot of wine is imported from Slovakia too. Slovakian wine, especially mead, is very popular in the region and exported to many of the neighboring countries.

Halusky prides itself in the range of Slovakian wines on offer, including the crisp and refreshing Rulandské šedé white wine, and flavourful Frankovka red wine.

In addition to its fine wine selection, Slovakia also has a long tradition of producing endless varieties of mead or ‘Medovina’. Mead is the oldest alcoholic drink in the entire world and is commonly consumed during the cold winter months with many Christmas stalls selling hot mead. Mead is essentially made using only honey and water, and is now available in many different additional flavours such as cherry, almond, walnut and more. All of which can be purchased via our Halusky online store!

Our mead is available to purchase in a gift pack or selection box, perfect for gifting to others or simply to treat yourself.

As well as traditional white wine or full-bodied red wine, we supply fruity options such as blackcurrant wine.

Or if you aren't into red, white or fruity wines (or simply want a treat), why not order in some Deluxe sparkling Slovakian wine for special celebrations?

Whatever your taste, with our wide range of Czech and Slovakian wines at Halusky, we are able to cater to all!