Here at Halusky, we sell a variety of still and sparkling Czech and Slovakian water to drink alone for hydration or use as a mixer with soft drinks, spirits, or our sherbet powders.

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There are many benefits to drinking water including delivering oxygen to the body, hydrating skin, flushing the body of toxins and regulating body temperature.

The human body is 60% water and the fluid is essential to healthy development and functions of the body. Although it is essential, drinking tap water can be boring! At Halusky even our still Czech or Slovakian water is rich, pure mineral water from natural Czech and Slovakian sources. Meaning it has the best possible taste whilst retaining all the important beneficial vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Another great way to drink plenty of water is to opt for flavoured water. Flavoured water is very popular in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and it is a great way to hydrate for those who prefer more of an interesting or sweet taste. Our Magnesia brand flavoured mineral water comes in many different flavours such as pomegranate, raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, and red grapefruit!

At Halusky we stock Czech and Slovakian herbal mineral waters in flavours such as rosehip, thyme, and dandelion. Why not try the Rajec mint mineral water or a more invigorating and fresh taste?

There is also a unique Czech drink called ‘Healing Water’ by Bílinská Kyselka available from Halusky. Healing water is naturally alkaline water with HC03 (Bicarbonate), and it aids with heartburn, coughs, liver, gall bladder and pancreas inflammation. It is also said to help with the treatment of stomach ulcers and kidney stones.

Another interesting product on offer at Halusky is the specially formulated ‘Infants Water’ by Slovakian brand ‘Lucka’. When a baby is less than 6 months old they should not be given plain water as it can interfere with their ability to receive adequate nourishment. Lucka’s infant water is low in nitrates and meets all of the most strict requirements to ensure it is safe for your baby.

In Slovakia and the Czech Republic there is a much wider range of water to choose from in comparison to the UK. Thankfully, Halusky supplies many of these products, meaning there's no need to go without your favourite Czech and Slovakian water drinks!