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Czech and Slovakian fruit juices are a healthy and refreshing alternative to fizzy or alcoholic drinks, and they are suitable for all the family!
In the Czech Republic, fresh fruit juices are rising in popularity with many ‘fresh’ bars in which people can purchase freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices on demand.

At Halusky we offer pure juices made with 100% compressed fruit, meaning you can bring the experience to your home and be sure that you and your family are getting your 5 a day.

We stock the popular Czech brand 'Hello' which is bound to bring back childhood memories if you grew up in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. This Czech fruit juice is available in cranberry, orange or multivitamin flavours.

At our Halusky store and online, you can purchase 1L containers of fresh cranberry juice containing 27% cranberries, which are perfect for healthy detoxing or adding into cocktails at the weekend.

Cranberry juice contains anti-oxidant compounds that fight dangerous free radicals in the body. Cranberries also contain a high level of polyphenols which can lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Cranberry has also been long used for its antibacterial properties, treating urinary tract infections and improving digestive health.

At Halusky we also sell smaller 0.25L cartons of 100% freshly pressed Czech orange juice. Fresh orange juice is also extremely good for you and has many health benefits. It is naturally high in essential nutrients and vitamins, including potassium, folate, and vitamin C. Like cranberry juice, fresh Czech orange juice is also high in antioxidants and a healthy way to prevent oxidative damage.

We also supply a specially created Multivitamin juice by Hello brand, this made with 10% fruit juice, contains 10 essential vitamins and is low in sugar. Multivitamin juices are very beneficial as they help to replenish the body’s vitamin supply keeping you in top condition.

Why not try Halusky’s range of Czech and Slovak fruit juices for healthy guilt free refreshment? They are also ideal for mixing with any of our Czech or Slovakian spirits.