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Masox 6 kostek - 72g

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Masox is suitable for preparing soups, sauces and various fleshy dishes. It can be used in dense soups (eg potato, mushroom, goulash, garlic, vegetable) but also in broths, preparation of meat broth, flavor of dark sauces, goulash, chicken, baked and minced meat and flavorings , pasta, risotto). It always highlights the taste of your meal.

Ingredients of the product (cubes): edible salt, soy hydrolyzate, pork lard, starch, flavor enhancers (E621, E627, E631), flavor, sugar, beef extract 0.9% (edible salt, , rapeseed oil), dried beef 0,7% (beef 0,64%, wheat gluten without gluten, rosemary extract), soy sauce (water, soy hydrolyzate, salt, wine, sugar, vinegar, dye E 150d, flavor enhancers (E 621, E 631, E 627, yeast extract, plums, apples, citric acid, dried tomato paste, aromas, spice blend, garlic extract), dried parsley, pepper and caraway extract (contains gluten) , emulsifier E471, celery seed, milky, citric acid, xanthan thickener.


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