Bosacka Plum Brandy 52% - 0.7l

Bošácka Slivovica 52% - 0.7l

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Bošácka Slivovica - the world-famous plum brandy, without which one does not depart from Slovakia. This spirit of excellence is produced according to the old proven recipes. Carefully selected, ripe fruit is fermented naturally and is distilled by the traditional method.

Typical smooth, balanced and delicious taste of genuine plum distillate obtained without any additives, using selected the very best varieties of plums.

Bošácka Slivovica combines the ancient and the Great Moravian tradition of growing quality fruit with the Benedictine tradition of alcohol, meeting and joined the more than 500 year's tradition of noble beverage. It has become a mark of quality and symbol not only valleys of the White Carpathians, but the whole region of Trenčín.


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