Bilinska Kyselka Healing Water for Liver - 1l (pink)

Bilinska Kyselka Healing Water for Liver - 1l (pink)

Bilinska Kyselka Jaterni - 1l

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DOSAGE: The recommended use is 100ml - 400ml twice daily for 2-3 months.

Bilinska mineral water with the active ingredient of Silybum marianum seed extract. Silymarin has a protective effect in relation to liver cells (it is a hepatoprotective). Silymarin is a potent antioxidant. Its applications include the beneficial effects of poisoning by hepatotoxic poisons (hepatotoxic = what is toxic, toxic to the liver), such as liver cirrhosis caused by excessive consumption of ethanol or damage by long-term use of certain drugs. It binds to receptors on liver cell membranes, which release toxic substances and thus prevent their penetration into liver tissue.

Today, the classic and proven Bilinska Jaterni uses extract of milk thistle. It is not just a flavor, but a real extract.


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